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How Trim Street Bath is providing COVID safe working spaces

The 4th of July marked a momentous occasion in the UK; restaurants and pubs have once again opened their doors to welcome the public. As we move into this new era, the way businesses control the health and safety of their spaces will be key to their success and longevity.

Trim Street Bath offers modern workspaces in a serviced office setting. Serviced offices are one of the safest ways to return to a physical workspace, as the spaces are regularly deep cleaned by professionals. This removes most health & safety responsibilities from the business owners and workers who are using the office spaces, allowing you to spend your time moving your business forwards. 

As more and more businesses start to shift back to a normalised working schedule, Trim Street Bath has taken numerous precautionary measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of our occupants and meeting room attendees.

COVID Secure Measures for a Serviced Office Space

1.      Social Distancing at Trim Street Bath

Where it is possible to do so, we will be encouraging social distancing throughout the property to follow Public Health Guidelines. This will take several forms, including:

  • Floor markings and signage to denote the direction of traffic
  • Regulated entry into the reception at peak times to ensure the space does not become overcrowded
  • Implementation of a queuing system to maintain 2 metre distancing
  • One-way circulation system
  • The tea point will be limited to 1 person at any given time
  • Toilets will be limited to one person at any one time, per floor
  • Meeting rooms will be available for meetings with each room’s capacity halved e.g. 8-person room can only hold a 4-person meeting.

2.      Visitors to Trim Street Bath

Whilst we expect visitor numbers to reduce during this period, all visitors will be required to report to reception in the usual way. Where possible, we would ask that businesses hold virtual or remote meetings to avoid unnecessary travel and building access.

3.      Workplace Hygiene at Trim Street Bath

  • Enhanced and daily cleaning routine

The daily cleaning regime will be refocused to maintain advanced cleaning and disinfection standards to the common areas of the building. The focus will be on high density areas and frequently touched surfaces, such as:

  • Reception area
    • Door handles, push buttons and push plates
    • Staircase handrails
    • Kitchen and appliances – Clients are asked to place all crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full, please wash all utensils by hand.
    • Common washrooms
    • Showers – please spray the shower with disinfectant before and after use and do not leave any personal items such as towels in the shower room.

  • Frequent touch point awareness

Signage will be placed in communal and circulation areas to promote staff safety through emphasising basic infection prevention measures. Please avoid touching surfaces unless absolutely necessary.

Where possible, we will look to prop open doors to reduce the requirement to touch door handles or access control buttons.

  • Good hygiene practices

Sanitiser stations will be positioned in the reception. Wall mounted hand sanitising units will be placed in the tea point and lower ground floor entrance to the business lounge and meeting rooms. All staff and visitors should wash their hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided as they enter the building.

Anti-bacterial wipes will also be placed in the tea points and should be used to wipe down any appliances before and after use.

4.      Trim Street Reception Services

The centre team will be on hand to offer client services. We have also placed a Perspex protective screen at the front desk for the protection of the centre team as well as our visitors. This will be disinfected as often as is feasible in line with recommended cleaning procedures.

Reception, kitchen, and lounge furniture will be re-arranged or removed to promote social distancing. These furniture items will also be regularly cleaned in line with appropriate cleaning standards.

5.      Mail forwarding at Trim Street Bath – including post, couriers & deliveries

Our staff will continue to follow safe systems of working and ensure they wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after handling any incoming or outgoing mail items. Our Centre teams are equipped with suitable PPE to receive, sort, and deliver your post.

We request that only business-critical deliveries are arranged, and that you advise reception of any specific deliveries in advance.

6.      Cycle facilities and storage

We encourage travelling to and from work on foot or by bicycle to minimise the use of public transport. Our cycle racks are located in the storage area down the stairs to the basement – for which you will be issued a key. Additional storage facilities will be reviewed in line with usage.

7.      Request for staff to work in staggered shifts

Where it is not possible to have your staff working from home, we welcome a conversation around the possibility of staggered shift times to enable staff to continue to operate and circulate safely within the building. We will be in touch with individual businesses to discuss the viability and how we may be able to help.

8.      Building Access & One-Way Systems

A one-way circulation route has been devised to encourage social distancing. Please use the main stairs to go up to the second and third floors and the rear stairs to descend to the first floor.

The main entrance will remain accessible for ingress and egress.

Please keep to the left when using the stairs and in corridors

9.      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our Centre Team and engineers have been provided with the necessary PPE to ensure duties at the site can be undertaken in a safe and healthy manner.

10.  Discovery of possible COVID -19 symptoms onsite

If anyone becomes unwell with a new, continuous, cough or a high temperature in the business or workplace, they should be sent home quickly and directly, and follow the stay at home guidance for individuals with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. Please inform the reception team immediately if there are any cases of an individual taken ill.

While we all work hard to reintegrate into the working world, you can rest assured that here at Trim Street Bath, we’ve got all your bases covered while keeping your safety in the highest regard. For more information or to book a viewing, get in contact with us by filling out this form, or reach us in the below ways:

Telephone – 01275 795 395

Email – hello@trimstreetbath.co.uk

We can’t wait to see you again!