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How to choose the ideal meeting room venue: top five tips

As a business owner, manager, or director, you’ll need an effective meeting space for many reasons throughout your career. Interviewing for new employees as your company grows, meeting with potential clients, giving presentations, and meeting with stakeholders for progress updates and strategies for the months to come.

Having a set meeting space has often been reserved as a privilege for those with traditional office rentals, but with a new way of remote working coming to the forefront, hire-per-use meeting rooms are the new way to comfortably and successfully host your meetings and conferences.  

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal meeting space, we’ve compiled five expert tips to help you find the ideal location to impress your guests effortlessly.

Suitability – is it fit for purpose?

Depending on the scope of your event, you’ll need to consider what facilities, equipment, and space requirements you’ll need to have in place for your meeting to be a success. A naturally well-lit space with quality seating will help keep your guests alert and comfortable, and modern equipment will help you deliver that deal-clinching presentation without the worry of technical glitches.

Also consider the image you want your brand to portray through your meeting space. Hotel meeting rooms have been the go-to in the past – but consider the impressive impact a fully staffed reception and tailored welcome will have on your guests. This is the kind of service you can expect to receive from a serviced office meeting room space.

Other facilities you might want to ensure are available include high-speed internet and VoIP telephone systems. These modern necessities will assist and impress you as the meeting host, as well as your guests, as free WiFi access has become a norm to provide during events and conferences.

Is there a close-by breakout space?

Consider that your guests will need a comfortable, convenient and closely located breakout space, especially if your event will span a full day. Attendees may need to take important calls during your meeting, and one of the best ways to ensure instances like that don’t interrupt the flow of your conference is to provide a nearby space for them to use.

Our meeting room in Bath has an adjoining breakout space, perfect to host light lunches and allow your guests to chat amongst themselves or with you during break times. A comfortable seating space, a modern coffee machine and a beautiful aesthetic are some of the conveniences you can expect when you use Trim Street Bath’s meeting space.

Travelling: is there a nearby station?

The convenience of your location is important to the success of your event. The less your guests need to worry about the commute, the better. Some may be travelling in using public transport, and this will need to be considered when choosing your venue.

Others may be commuting in by car and will require a parking space for the duration of the conference. Our meeting room location is perfectly situated less than half a mile to Bath Bus Station and Bath Spa Train Station, making public transport a breeze. There are numerous parking spaces available both on-site as well as in the surrounding streets, where your guests can comfortably leave their vehicles for the day.

First impressions

First impressions really do last forever. Certain aspects of the impression your guests will have can be controlled by you, but a large part of the experience is dependent on the welcome they receive.

Our trained, friendly reception team are at hand during all regular business hours to welcome your guests and usher them to your meeting, making them feel welcome from the second they set foot in the building. Our on-site building maintenance team will further help you ensure your event runs smoothly.


As a meeting host, it’s your responsibility to ensure there are refreshments and usually a light lunch for your guests to enjoy. Catering is often left to the last minute, with other aspects taking precedence over it. Our meeting room offering includes the option to outsource catering, enabling you to provide a delicious treat. We can take care of the dietary requirements of your guests while you focus on what matters – making strides towards your business goals.

When you’re on the lookout for a new meeting space, we recommend you visit the venue beforehand to get a proper feel for the building, location, and overall service. We look forward to hosting you for a viewing – simply click here to arrange a callback and schedule a visit to our stunning Trim Street Bath meeting room.