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Measuring event success: How do I know if my meeting was successful?

Hosting a meeting when you’re a freelancer or small business can be an exciting event when you have the right meeting spaces available to you. There are certain challenges any business would face, but with those challenges come a plethora of opportunities to use meetings and conferences as successful networking events.

Once you’ve covered the aspects needed for a successful, engaging meeting and enjoyed a day spent with new and existing connections, how can you tell if you meeting was in fact successful?

Understanding how to measure your events success is key to hosting productive follow up meetings and learning which aspects to improve and which to amplify will help you towards endless opportunities to grow your brand.

We’ve gathered some key points on how to know if your event was successful, and some tips to help you recreate your past successes.

Was your objective achieved?

For general meetings, your goals might have been as simple as gathering new information or strategising a specific plan. Conferences with new prospects and existing clients together might call for a broader objective – such as information requests or formal proposals.

Whatever your initial agenda or goal for the meeting was – if you can positively confirm it has been achieved – your first step to even success has been unlocked.

How many of your attendees gave you positive feedback?

It can be difficult to assess how your attendees felt about your meeting event if they’re not forthcoming with their comments. Sometimes, the best way to get this feedback is to reach out and ask them directly. It might be a good idea to have feedback cards present at the event, or in our more modern world, online feedback questionnaires and email campaigns are great ways to get the honest opinions of your guests.

This is one of the best ways to understand potential flaws or issues before they have a chance to repeat themselves, and to focus on adding more of the positive aspects your attendees appreciated.

For more casual or smaller-scale meetings, you can send out a simple email to your attendees asking for their feedback and suggestions. Ask them how they felt the meeting went, if their expectations were met, and ask for any feedback on how they would have enjoyed it better or found it more productive.

Did you cater for all your guests?

Catering is often overlooked when analysing event success, but it plays an important role in building the relationships your business needs to help it grow. By catering for all palettes and dietary requirements, you’re sending an indirect signal to your prospects and current customers that they are indeed important to you.

Our meeting room offering includes basic refreshments throughout the day, with the option to cater light lunches. If you have any specific requirements, such as vegan or gluten free, these can be accommodated to help you make the best possible impression on your guests when visiting our stunning Bath meeting space.

Was your audience engaged?

Was your audience hands-on during the event, asking questions throughout and adding their valuable input? A big part of hosting a successful meeting is being able to carry the conversation in a way that encourages engagement from all parties.

If you found that a particular subject spiked conversation, it’s useful to understand why that topic was so popular.

If your audience was withdrawn and quiet, it might be worthwhile looking to the subject matter you covered – was there an issue with the content itself or were your audience perhaps distracted during the meeting? It’s important to know how to get the best from your guests. The more meetings you host, the more insight you will gain into this aspect of a successful conference.

Was your meeting space effective?

Meeting spaces can make or break the effectiveness and overall mood of your event. Ensuring your space is filled with natural lighting, comfortable seating, and the proper equipment to keep guests interested and involved throughout the meeting are just some of the benchmarks to look out for when scouting for a meeting space.

This can be a challenge for freelancers who use their home as a base to work from and may not have the facilities available to them. Our meeting room facility is open to all attendees, whether you rent a serviced office space from us or not. 

Are your next steps clear?

The outcomes of your meeting will help you define the next steps that need to be taken – either in the scope of the work that needs to be done, or how to facilitate a positive follow up meeting. Having clearly defined next steps comes from an analysis of the meeting, the initial agenda you laid out and of course your objectives.

Remember that corporate events are not static; attendee expectations will evolve over time, but that doesn’t mean starting from scratch for each event. The more you can refine your hosting approach according to trends in your industry, the better your chances of growing your conferences over years to come and improving on past successes.

Are you looking for a well-located, well-equipped, and professional looking meeting space? Get in touch with us to find out more about Trim Street Bath’s meeting rooms and let us help you take your events from strength to strength.