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Serviced Office vs Virtual Office

Modern workspaces have been designed and adapted to meet the growing need for flexibility. New businesses and freelancers often make the decision to save money in the early stages by opting for modern workspace options that provide the facilities a business needs without the financial burden that comes along with traditional rentals.

The requirement for flexibility in the workplace is ever increasing, and from this we have seen a surge in demand for alternative workspaces. To help you decide which option would serve you best, we compare what you can expect from a serviced office vs a virtual office.

What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices are ‘all inclusive’ versions of office space. Typical inclusions cover business rates, utilities and internet – costs which can quickly add up without close monitoring. Other inclusions, such as office furniture, telecommunications devices and access to shared meeting spaces help keep initial financial outlays for start-ups and small businesses to a minimum.

Contract terms for serviced offices are usually shorter than traditional office rental terms; most contract durations would be 12 months, but many serviced space rentals tend towards a three-month notice period. You may pay a higher rate for serviced office rentals to cover the added extra’s that are typically included.

Using a serviced office allows a business to make use of a central location for staff to conduct daily business activities, and a reputable address to invite potential clients and customers to for meetings and conferences. Most serviced offices also have some form of front desk staff to greet visitors, lending a real office feel and helping to build an impressive brand image.

Trim Street Bath’s stunning grade II listed Georgian building provides a great talking point especially for first time visitors. Couple this impressive building with our features and services– such as fixed monthly costs and a fully staffed reception – and you’ll soon see the benefit reflect in your bottom line as you do away with these additional overheads. 

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides you with a business address, enabling you to work from home while corresponding using an impressive location and is considered one of the newest and most popular trends in modern business.

Choosing a virtual office will not give you access to physical offices, but ordinarily it will include access to services like telephone answering, mail forwarding and pay-per-use facilities including meeting rooms and boardrooms.

This alternative office setting offers users a virtual business address, a central location to host guests, clients or customers as and when it is needed. Having a professional address to use on invoices and other branded stationery gives the appearance of running a bigger operation – which can be especially beneficial for freelancers or those who are just starting out.

Which is better for me?

The biggest difference between a serviced office and a virtual office is access to physical office space. A serviced office is a physical space you rent, while a virtual office is an address you rent. Both have inclusive services and additional facilities unique to the provider.

Typically, those who rent a serviced office may require an office setting and a space to carry out their work while benefitting from a set monthly cost. A serviced office may be best suited to your needs if you have a small staff complement or if you prefer not to work from home, and if you need access to facilities to host meetings or conferences often.

This is also a great alternative to longer commutes; a serviced office is a fraction of the cost of a traditional office and is a great way to offer a closer location for yourself and staff without needing to arrange everything that comes along with a traditional office rental.

When renting a virtual office, physical workspace would need to be accounted for as an addition. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a virtual office over a serviced office is that there is no requirement for an upfront deposit. If you are home-based and simply require correspondence- or secretarial-services, this may be a better option for you.

Looking for a serviced office space in the heart of Bath?

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